Story Of The 7 Years Old Boy And The Iphone Encryption!

The Matthew Green is a real guru when it comes to privacy. Matthew Green, who is a college professor by profession, knows everything about the computer security, NSA spying, the encryption and all the related work.

Yet, there is one who has shown the skills to match him in this thing. And amazingly, he is just 7 years old child – his own son!

Matthew Green has an iPhone 6 Plus. That means, everything on his device must be encrypted so that only he can unlock the device with his own finger. Make sense!

But amazingly this Tuesday morning, his little son Harrison went into his dad’s room quietly and grabbed his father’s iPhone 6 Plus and pressed his large thumb on the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner in order to unlock the device. And guess what? He went into it by breaking the iPhone encryption!

Matthew Green woke up and he had no right to blame his 7 years old kid Harrison because after all, he had installed the Angry Birds Transformers and the Minecraft in his iPhone 6 plus for his child. So, his 7 years old boy can access his device to play the games anyway.

For the Matthew Green, it is now a perfect argument against the Apple’s statement that the “iPhone’s encryption cannot be broken.” Well, Apple has a sturdy statement about the security of their iPhone that it can’t be encrypted by the thieves or the police. But, it proved wrong when the Matthew Green’s iPhone 6 plus was in the hands of his 7 years old boy Harrison.

Recently, the “encryption” was rolled out by the Apple that no longer permits the company to bypass your passcode. Cops cannot spy on the user by going directly to the Apple. According to the FBI director, the iPhone encryption guards the pedophiles through holding back the police. But, Matthew Green said, it doesn’t!

Matthew Green tweeted on that morning, “Dear FBI: think of the 7 years old children next time you say it” I ask you to see how easily my boy have bypassed the iPhone 6 plus encryption by using the physical attacks.”

Matthew Green explained why the biometric features like the voice or the fingerprints are not at all effective if you wish to keep your phone save from someone for the security reasons. Your finger can be pressed down to your scanner quite easily by a police officer.

Green said that this is really a serious problem. In cases, where you are under the custody, then the biometric systems are not good to protect your information.

Actually, that is already been seen in some cases like the Virginia Beach case that involved an EMT blamed for choking his girlfriend and the state court judge ruled that the police can easily force you to unlock your device with your fingers.

So, that is how your iPhone’s security can be bypassed by the human attacks and this issue must be treated in a way to find the right solution for this serious problem.