Surprinsing Announcement From Google: What Are Americans Doing With Chromebook

Google came up with a very creative marketing strategy. They borrowed American student Chromebook laptops for several days without asking for any money.

Google for Education Organisation announced that American students will be able to use Chromebook laptops for a few days in special centers built for this purpose in some universities.

At least 12 universities will participate in this program and it will be expanded in case it will be successful in the initial phase. The process is just like borrowing a book from the library of the faculty. The American students have the obligation to return the laptop on time.

The students will be able to use the laptops anywhere they want, either in classrooms or in their own rooms.

Google’s strategy is to promote the product, so that it will have many buyers. In addition, the information student search are stored on the cloud platform and they can even change the borrowed laptops.

Another interesting thing brought by Google are the first Android applications for Chromebook and some new models that will be launched soon.

A big advantage of Chromebook is the low price and the information storage in cloud. This way the information is never lost, even in the event of major malfunctions.