Participate In The Walmart Survey And Win A $1000 Gift Card

Walmart which is considered to be one of the largest supermarkets in the world lets its customers to give their feedback and share their experiences at its stores. The feedback is considered important as through it, Walmart can customize its products and services according to what is being demanded by its customers.

It appreciates the criticism from the customers as well because it is going to help it in a positive way. So if you are a customer of Walmart, you must feel free to give your honest opinion and do not hesitate to speak the truth about its services. The concern of Walmart for collecting the feedback from the customers is to provide them best possible services in return so that the customers themselves leave the store satisfied when they visit it next time.

You can participate in the survey by choosing either the English language or Spanish. The survey is not very long and you can complete it very easily in 15 minutes. After that, you will have a sweepstake and 5 persons will be able to win a gift card of $1000.

How can you take part In the Survey?

  • You need to have a computer system with you and that should be connected to the internet as well.
  • You must have once visited the store and purchase items so that you have the sales receipt of the store.
  • The website must be visited within 14 days of the purchase.

 Steps To Follow

  • To begin the survey, the website of the Walmart is to be visited which is
  • Make sure that you must visit the link within 14 days of the sales receipt you have got.
  • Select language as you are given the choice of English and Spanish. Click on “Continue”.
  • Read the instructions on the next page and click on “Continue” again.
  • Enter your zip code and then store code that is written on your receipt.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions and then give answers of few questions regarding the experience of the shopping you had.
  • After completing your survey, wait for some time to see if you have won the prize or not.