Technology Stock Preview In January!

At the starting of New Year the show of the consumer electronics on International level arrives and it brings the chance of every global technology to come except Apple Company. It gives a chance to the customers to have a look on what digital future is going to give them with science inventions.

But that’s not the gossip going on in the streets; in fact this month is also important in terms of the technology earning. Most important are those companies that are not announcing their latest holiday’s sales.

Below are the technology level reports of top companies starting from the one that is on top in list.

Apple: It is on top of the list. It will report the first quarter of its earning of the crucial shopping season in holidays. During the starting quarter of 2013 almost 51 million iPhone were sold by this company and almost 25 million iPads. Do you think iPhone 6 and 6 plus will go more ahead in this record?

Amazon: This online working forum announced its earning of the fourth quarter. The sales of fire tablet were triple in number. At the same time the firm revealed its now major service which gives us a promise to bring our orders in just limited time.

Google: It was slow this time in terms of growth as compared to others because of its slow processing but the question is, will it be successful to get its previous rank?

Microsoft: People are well aware that what was the ranking of this company’s Surface Pro 3 tablet as well as the Xbox one video game during the time of vacations when the technology reported its second quarter income. Microsoft is having the hope to continue its progressing with level of 31%.

Yahoo: It is also going on top list and progressing well to keep its rank high as usual