Tesla Model S Got Hacked But Issue Is Now Fixed By The Company

An error has been detected in the software of Tesla Model S Car by which the car can be hacked easily. The complete control of the car can be taken by infecting the car with a malware in case of having access to the inner part of the car.

Hackers can very easily open the doors and create wrong information on the electronic displays and without showing any kind of warning, it can be turned off by the hacker.

Kevin Mahaffey who is the co-founder of the “Lookout” that is a cyber – security startup was the researcher who found out the flaw in the system of the car and with him another researcher was Marc Rogers who is a researcher at a startup named “CloudFlare”. It is a company which has the function of providing security and saving the websites from getting hacked.

Due to their research, company got attentive to the issue and they have claimed that the problem has been fixed and now an automatic update for the software would be received over the internet connections that are currently existed.

The researchers said that it was not the only flaw with the system of the car but there many other problems. In Tesla cars, an outdated version of the web browser was being used which 4 years old even the car was open to face those issue which had been solved the other web browsers as well for example Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Through the malware, hacker can have the remote control of the car in their hands and they could misuse it by heading the car to a website which is not correct and ultimately infect the car. The reason behind it is that there was no verification from some instruments in the car which were very sensitive regarding the instructions that are being obtained through an authentic source.

Tesla car was brought to a parking lot that was empty and then the dashboard of the car was accessed and malware was loaded in it by Mahaffey and Rogers. They used an iPhone to give commands to the car as a remote. Interestingly, door of the car could be unlocked through it and trunk was also be able to be opened.

After explaining all the flaws, Rogers still said that no other manufacturers of the cars are able to match Tesla cars, they are very far behind it. Regarding any advice for the security, others are proactive. Companies do not make the cars right from inside and are in hurry to add the system of internet in the cars. Resultantly, the cars seems like mobile devices that have wheels and ready to catch the viruses from the internet at very high rate.