The Anthony Noto, The Richest Person Of The Twitter Social Media Company

The Anthony Noto, who was the banker and had left his productive career at the company like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. for the chief financial officer position on the second largest social media company Twitter. According to the latest report, submitted last year, he was the topmost earner with a highly paid salary marker in the social media.

In a report it was shown that the Mr. Anthony got the highest compensation which is almost $72.8 million, according to the 2014, which also includes the awards on the stock which are also valued much then expected. It is almost $63.1 million,which has the option value of $9.5 million.

According to the annual statement of proxy about the Twitter which was filed on the last Monday, Mr Noto are not authorized to sell the shares of the Twitter until the end of the 2018. It is the restricted policy of the Twitter for its employees. The major amount which the MrNoto got on his services are already revealed in the July, when he first joined the company as the Chief financier in the country for the Twitter company.

Although, no one could sell its shares to the other companies, but Mr Anthony broke the policy and he sold his shares of the Twitter to the other company in the late November 2013. The social media Twitter has charged the Anthony on such acts according to the company restricted share selling policy.

Mr Anthony is getting compensation which is almost thrice times bigger than the Mike Gupta, who is the predecessor of the company and earning almost $24.6 million, and most of the major earning compensation is earned through the stock awards which is noticed in the report submitted in 2013. With his abilities, now the Twitter major investment, strategic head is Mr Gupta.

On the very next year, the C.E Dick Costolo failed to achieve any awards of equity from the company of its services. The Mr. Dick got almost $13,892 pay from the company which shows his self-dictated salary package which he requested to the firm in 2013 in the month of the August. But when he joined the Twitter as an employee, he earned more than the $8million shares of the Twitter which are much worthy with the effective amount of $413 million.

At the third position of highly earned employee of the Twitter is Mr. Alex Roetter who was the chief in the engineering department and got paid of almost $18.8 million which is his stock award for its services in the company. It is the part of its total salary, which he got as an employee on the Twitter, the second largest social media company. His total salary with the stock award is worth $19.1 million.

Other then, these high earned employees who have the shares in the Twitter there are lots of other general workers who are earning big from such social media company.