The Apple Watch Defect Finally Caught

Last week, the Apple Inc, has launched their digital watch which stunned the technological world with the amazing features. The key component of this Apple Watch was made by the two suppliers, is expected to fail as the customer has found some component defective, which shows the prompting strategy of the Apple Inc. According to them, the defects in the Apple iWatch is another strategy of the company to control the demand of their new product. If the product is defective, the user thinks before to spend money on such product. No matter, they have already earned high grossing profit at the launching weeks of the product in the market.

The defective part is called as the taptic engine, which is specially designed by the Apple. With this engine, the sensation is produced on the wrist of the user after tapping on it. In February, when the mass production began, the reliable tests showed that such taptic engines which are produced by the AAC Technologies Holdings, Inc.who are based from the China Shenzhen, suddenly started to break with the time. The users of the iWatch have noticed this defect and called it the Apple another crap of damaging the watch completely.

Currently, the Apple Inc, doesn’t respond to this defective story. It shows that they don’t plan to supply the defective watches to its customers to increase the purchase of the watch or to fail the new technology stunner in the technological world.This could be the serious blow to the Apple products for the future of the company.

The Taptic engines which are produced by the Nidec Corp, a Japan company who is working as the second supplier are failing to experience the same issue in such device. According to the views of the Apple users, the biggest technology companies like Apple is now turning all its production of the gadget components towards the Nidec, but to cope with the frequent demands of the components of the Apple gadgets which are introduced in the market with a rocket speed, Nidec need much time to increase such components production.

The word taptic engine is derived from the word “haptic” which is fast to deliver the feedback and it is one of the best technologies which a company like Apple used in their iWatch product.

These taps are specially designed to be small intrusive as compare to the buzzing and ringing way which easily attract and alert the users about them.

The taptic engine used a special motor through which a small rode move back and forth. Such motion, then creates a sensation when tab on the wrist. This taptic engine has a powerful feature to send an alert the heartbeats of the others sitting around the user.

Last week, the Apple declared to the suppliers of the iWatch to control the production of this product till the month of June. They further ordered, that no need to explain the customers of the watch about the sudden closing of the watch production and supply.