The Attack On U.S. Energy Grid By ISI Failed

It has been disclosed by the U.S. law enforcement that the electric power companies of America are being tried to be hacked by ISIS. The matter was discussed in a meeting of American energy firms about the national security.

Cyberattacks are the target of the ISIL, according to the Assistant Secretary at the Homeland Security Department, Caitlin Durkovich.

The details had not been revealed by the investigators related to the incidents but they have ensured that the attack by the ISIL had been made a failure. These terrorists do not possess the tools for hacking that can make them successful in a sophisticated way in breaking into the systems and then turning off the machines

Section Chief, John Riggi at FBI’s cyber division said that although the intent was powerful but they are not capable enough to get the positive output. The main concern is that it is possible that they would learn from it and the capability can be bought.

Black markets are offering the software that can help hacking through a number of online sources. This is the way usually cyber weapons are acquired by the mafia and then they use them to enter the computers of the companies and capture their large databases and then the information can be used.

The worrying thing for FBI is that the malicious software will be purchased by the Islamic state now and it will definitely destroy the computers and electronics of the power companies. If such attack happens again successfully then there are the chances of disruption of the energy in the homes and businesses of the United States.

Mark Lemery the infrastructure protection coordinator said that there is not only the fear of the Islamic state but also the local terrorists are finding the ways to sneak into the systems to hack them and destroy the operations. He further told that they are very much interest in giving the damage to everything but at the moment, they do not have enough capability to do that. They are not shot of the resources so they can do that in the near future as well although they are far from that yet.

Officials mentioned it clearly that the attacks from more countries are also the concern as last year attack on the industrial control systems by the malware was traced and it was found to be from the Russian government.


The probability of hacking the whole energy grid is not very high. Even if section of the grid is to be targeted, it is not simple to communicate smoothly with the machines of various kinds that are the part of complicated patchwork of grids. The layout of the machines and computers is not going to be simple to understand as it needs highly technical spies to do so.