The Best Android Smartphone Ever In The Market

The best Android phone is in the market which is Moto X Pure Edition. It is best because everything in the phone is great. A phone with thin and smart looks and fast processor gives you the battery that can let you use for the entire day. Its battery is also charged very fast and camera of the phone is awesome with the display of 5.7 inches.

Are you thinking that these are things which are the part of every smartphone?

Yes but it has three things that make it very special. What are the three things?

  1. A phone that is most customizable

As a personal product, we need our smartphone with us all the time. Motorola considers this fact important and focus on the tailoring of the phones to the customers.

Motorola as previously offered in its phones variety of colors, Pure Edition also has wide range of colors. Smartphones are available in various styles which include grippy models of silicon and around 12 colors.

You can change the settings of you Moto X Pure Edition according to the place you are at. You do not have to put it on vibration while you are at work as it will go automatically. It can read the text messages for you in a loud voice and it can also tell you the name of the caller if you are driving your car. If you are going to sleep, it will go on the silent mode itself.

  1. This smartphone can work on an carrier

The phone does not come with the contract and is unlocked as well so Moto X cannot be bought from your carrier directly but it is going to work on any company among the four working nationwide. Any network can be used whether it is T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. You have the liberty of switching to any of the networks at any time. During one month, if Verizon is being used, the next month, you get a good deal from T-Mobile, there is nothing that will prevent you from switching to that.

  1. Purchase it for just $399

The most prominent thing is the price of the phone that is you are going to pay only $399. Apple has the phone of same size iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung has Galaxy Note 5 but Moto X Pure Edition can be purchased by paying $350 less than the competitors’ similar phones.

It is almost half of the price and you get the same specifications in the phone. Therefore, we can say that the Moto X Pure Edition is currently the Android Smartphone available in the market in terms of properties as well as price.