The Better Option Is To Choose Contract-Free Plan Of Verizon

Now the new customers will not be able to get the contract from Verizon which is the biggest wireless carrier of the nation. The company has decided during the current month that it will not offer the 2 year contract to the new customers. But very soon the clarification from the company also came that those people who have the contract with Verizon currently, they have the option of renewing it for 2 years when their phones are upgraded.

But they are suggested that they should avoid it, rather they should go as contract free customers. If you get the plans of the company which are contract free, you will get the benefits of saving your money for the next two years especially when you compare the amount you are going to spend with the money spent on the old contract plans for the two years. The minimum amount you will be able to save is $3 per month while it can be increased up to $40 that is dependent on the data you are going to use.

The contract free plans of Verizon are of four different kinds;

Small will be 1 GB data for a month, medium will be 3 GB of data, there will be 6 GB in large and extra-large will give you 12 GB.

There is neither any fees for the activation nor any down payment in these plans. You will have the choice of the payment for the full price of your phone or it can be paid every month till the next two years.

Company claims that the objective of the new pricing is to make things simpler for the customers and they must be aware of what they are paying for and how are they saving through these new plans.

This statement has been given by Chuck Hamby who is the PR Director at Verizon.

Verizon announced that the existing customers are allowed to switch to the new plans offered by it at any time. The switching to the new plan is also possible if these customer are in a contract but moving back to the old contract will not be allowed.

Those who have a contract currently with the company can switch to the new plan by paying extra $20. The price of their existing phone can be paid off. As soon as the eligibility for the new phone is sure after the previous term is over, the per line access charges will automatically be reduced from $40 to $20.

Through the elimination of the smartphone contract of two years, Verizon has planned for the new customers to provide transparency in the process that was opaque earlier. It was not possible for the customers to get to know about the deals that whether they are good or not because they were not aware of what they were actually paying for.

Now the customer with the help of these new plans of Verizon, will know that how much they are going to pay for their phones and a good thing for them will be that they will obviously be saving some amount.