The Ceo Of Samsung Considers Internet Of Thing Of Top List!

The CEO of Samsung electronics and also the president BK Yoon gave the vision of the internet of things that are connected with each other. In it everything starting from our bed to the fridge in kitchen collects and observes the information that helps in improving the life of the consumer who is using it.

According to the report in Las Vegas, one of them is also able to smell. Yoon explained about it later on the Consumers electronic show as the inauguration key point. He was seated with the USA TODAY at the time of speech. The remarks of Yoon were made by using a translator and in order to get a clear view of speech they were edited.

In this New Year this firm will invest almost hundred million dollars in the working of the development community on devices that are connected. It will attract the attention of the developers and those who are in open competition. In this way various manufacturers of the products work together.

According to Yoon for the creation of the internet of things collaboration is required among all the countries to give us communication without barriers that is absolutely essential.

Yoon stated that the new products should be designed by keeping in view the life styles of people and they should not be in need of changing their standards of living. It is a kind of thing that will be naturally accepted by the consumers in their daily life.

The expectations of the people using Samsung as it is promoting the plans about internet of things:

A number of smart TVs and mobiles are being in use for communication. After 2 years in 2017 IoT is planning to get 90% of Samsung hardware and after 5 years it’s going to be 100%.There goal is to create an environment with safety and can give easy hand for the people.

Almost equal to the size of a hand there is a sensor that can be kept under the mattress and if you are laying on the mattress it will do the observance of the sleeping pattern and it will do its work in best possible way. For example when it’s the time for you to wake up, it will turn on the light in automatic process or the light will be turned off when you are totally in deep sleep.

It can also observe your rate of heart beating and if it is not in proper order or the heart beat is fast then it will be connected with the cell phone automatically or set and alarm of emergency. The signal of emergency can also be transmitted directly to the hospital.

Few devices are used for the tracking of scent or movement. Other devices check the heart beat. Recently the Samsung Company is making a product that can identify 20 cents and fragrances of different thing. The IoT is doing lots of new discoveries like conductors, semiconductors and sensors etc.

A company like Samsung can provide not only just devices but can also give us a number of networks that can be used for the benefit of people.