The Cover Of The Smartphone Is 3x Stronger Than Steel!

This device is awesome. It is almost 50 times stronger than plastic, almost 10 times stronger than aluminum and 3 times harder than steel.

This new cover of mobile is very light in weight? Thin and hard at the same time. But the thing is that you are not able to buy one yet.

A professor of mechanical engineering whose name is Jan Schroer and is doing his duties at Yale University, made the technology for the problems in his laboratory and he is struggling to make the arrival of his device in the department of a mass productivity.

For many years the academic institutions have made a useful technique for the shaping of the metal glasses which is an effective material for the new generation.

The casing of the electronics is quite in demand by the people but yet they were not successful in shaping a perfect one.

Schroers spent most of the time is past century in trying different means for the shaping of the complex geometrical structure. The used a different super freeze material apart from melting the BMG substances and forcing them to melt on high temperature. By this process BMG material turns into soft form and easily changes its shape.

With the help of this method Schroers do forming of thermoplastic. BMGs are changed in a plastic shape and as a result it does not take large amounts of energy.

From that point they focus on the production of the BMG sheets, that is the most useful in experimentation for applications.

By observing the results of his technical method he introduced his own company Super Cool Metals and owned by the Yales University.

Till now he focused of the production of things on small scale but like watches and sensors, the next level was now cases of Smartphones and it was something challenging for him.

He and his team members are producing the cases by heating the BMG sheets and now on next step they are making advance step of creating waterproof Smartphones.