The Creator Of Uber Is Planning To Introduce 50,000 Jobs In Europe!

The co-creator of the 40 billion dollars taxi application Uber, Yook the side of the company as he mentioned the goal plans to make 50,000 jobs across the Europe and take almost 400,000 private cars from the road.

Travis who was just recently told that he could be jailed for almost two years if he came to South Korea told that Uber was the safest way near to go from the point A to B. But he also said that there are more requirements in order to get protection for the customer. He was blamed for the use of illegal taxis in the area of South Korea. The company was already under pressure due to the rape of the woman in India that involved a derived who was working for the company.

In a conference related to the mishap in India he said that we all are having mothers, wives and daughters. We need to make sure that nothing like this is going to happen ever again as we are part of the struggle to keep our states safe. We all need to go above and beyond the level that government wants from us.

Uber was created by Travis and the Canadian entrepreneur Garrett Camp. It is working in more than almost 200 states, growing very fast by providing smart devices in cheap prices to find and pay the drivers. In December the firm got the earning of 40 billion dollars after receiving 1.2 billion dollars from the investors to make it famous in the public.

The people who are gossip and criticism lovers blamed Uber of taking advantage by the processing of jobs in London through subsidiary by giving it chance to pay a low value of tax on the commission it takes from the promotions.

The company also had to face the questions of the journalists. After a senior executive gave the suggestion that it was planned to hire a team that will investigate about the negative remarks that were given by the journalists.

Adopting a compromising tone at the conference Travis was forced to deny that he was bullied last year. Almost 7500 full time jobs were created by Uber in San Francisco, in NYC 13,750 and in London it was 7,800. Travis kept a check on the background of the drivers, tracking system for GPS, customer feedback and the ability to share the trips with friends on a safe scale.

He also blamed the regulators for the creation of new rules to keep the protection of the taxi industry, but said that this year would be a year of increase across the area of the continent which would be personally observed by spending more time in the Europe country.

In its latest creations is UberPool that allows the random passengers to share their journey when they are going in the same direction.

There are almost 1 billion cars in the universe and almost 96% of them are being utilized by the people. The aim of Uber is to make down the price of taking Uber below the cost of having a car.