The Drag Queens Are Forced To Use Their Real Names On Facebook!

The Facebook users are now being forced to use their real names for their profile but unfortunately, not too many users are happy with this new restriction by the Facebook at all. The Drag Queens are not at all happy with it and they see potential issues with the Facebook’s policy and they have taken the matter to the petitions and on other platforms like the Twitter.

There is an attempt to get the attention of the Facebook by a group of drag queens and transgender performers to permit them to use their stage names rather than their real names on the Facebook.

A petition made to support the change has until now gathered over 2,000 signatures. The group of the performers desires to use stage names for the safety, preference or the privacy reasons.

But, the Facebook remains still in its policy of using real names instead of the stage names and according to them, it is to help create a safer environment. According to the Company, the policy is made to offer protection to the community and also to increase the accountability as well.

According to a petition started by the performer Olivia La Garce from Seattle, the stage names are so important for their identities, personally and to the communities also. The petition also stated that the stage names are called by the others and themselves.

According to the statement of the Facebook, there are a few alternate options for the performers and the drag queens if they want to use their stage names. They can put an alias with their genuine name on the profile or they can create a Fan Page to solve this issue. But unfortunately, those are the options that the drag queens are not keen to use at all.

This policy is also affecting some celebrities like Lady Gaga, whose genuine name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. So, this new policy by the Facebook is in discussion these days.