The Ever-Expanding Instant Messaging Market Is About To Grow Even Bigger As Pinterest Enters The Ring

If you own a smartphone, chances are that you own some sort of messaging app. Whether it be Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat or any other service out there that lets you instantly connect with friends and family, you’ve most likely got at least one installed on your phone. We’ve seen this market grow like crazy recently, and a new competitor is looking to get a taste of this action. That competitor is none other than Pinterest. Just recently, Pinterest announced that it will be dishing out a messaging feature for its ultra-popular online service, and from what we’ve seen so far, it actually looks really nice.

Just last year, Pinterest first introduced a feature that allowed users to send pins to one another back and forth. When Pinterest was in its infancy, the service focused mainly around public sharing of pins. However, as time went on, it became clear that a lot of people were interested in sending pins to just one person. That feature has proven to be incredibly successful, as Pinterest now reports that their users send over 2 million pins every single day. However, we haven’t seen a true way to actually respond to a pin that we have been sent. Sure, you can send a link to a friend via email or text, but that takes you out of the service and really takes away from the overall experience. Until now, Pinterest has had no native way of directly responding to a pin that you’ve been site right within their service. That’s changing today though with Pinterest’s introduction of their new messaging service. According to Pinterest’s product designer Tom Watson, “We see it as heavier weight than a Facebook Messenger. It’s more of a conversation around an object than just a quick hello.” Those are some pretty big claims for a brand new messaging feature, but Pinterest is sticking behind their shots.

Just a couple days ago this week, Pinterest began rolling out their new messaging service on their Website and both Android and iOS apps. When you get a new message on Pinterest, a small circle with your friend’s face will automatically pop up on the left of your Pinterest feed (rather similar to Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads). The messaging service has all of the bells and whistles you expect, but there is one killer feature within the new messages. If you send a pin to someone within the new messages, that pin still has all of the same features and abilities as it would anywhere else on the site. You can ‘heart’ it, add it to a board and share it with friends. According to Mr. Watson, “It’s not meant to take over the entire Pinterest experience. It’s a way to enhance and close the loop on the (send-a-pin) feature.”

Pinterest has said that they plan on keeping the messaging feature located directly within the main app for the service, at least for the time being.