The Facebook Privacy Scrutiny In Europe

The world largest social site Facebook which is always in the news due to their latest features and controversial actions is now again talk of the town. The Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebooks is nowadays facing much pressure from the regulators of the Europe about the privacy issue of the Facebook. The regulators want to access the users who click “like” on the ads which are posted by the local or international users on the company products. The regulators are on opinion that they need to scrutinize the face of the “like” to track the user from where they are located and accessing the company posted ads.

According to the latest buzz published by The Wall Street Journal, the privacy regulators of the Government of Spain,France and Italy have joined this regulatory group to scrutinize the company dealing plans about the users personal data which they have provided during the purchase of the products. The probe of Facebook privacy looks at two ways in particular: One is how the biggest social site Facebook is collecting the information from the other social networking websites like Instagram, Whatsapp and others. The other way to check the issue is how the Facebook could track the users and their activities which are performed on the browsers posted by the company as product ads through the “like” button.

With the regulators of the Dutch, the probes have also started in Belgium and Germany. This type of investigation is entirely different from the previous inquires which are made on the Facebook activities. Those investigations were solely conducted in the Ireland which is considered to be the home of the all European companies which worked around the world but their headquarters are located in Ireland. The European Union countries are now putting much pressure on the joint forces which is a challenge to the US companies. The purpose is to work according to the privacy laws of the Europe which are made for the Europeans as it seems to be a foul by them.

With these serious investigations, now Facebook would have to charge a fine which would be in millions in European currency and it would modify the businesses which are practiced in the country like Europe.

Various arguments and notices are shared against the Facebook for this investigation. According to them, the companies which have privacy regulators specially approved from the Ireland where the headquarters are located could be acceptable, but no other such countries could involve themselves in the investigation, neither they have authorities to break the privacy law and its rules with it.

The regulators are still forced to not limit them from the Facebook investigation. They claimed that Ireland has their own privacy policy on which their regulators work accordingly. They have different privacy policies and it couldn’t be matched with the oversight of the Ireland.

Mathias Moulin who is the leader of the probe at Facebook said that

“With this fact that investigations by the other authorities is already done on the Facebook, but we couldn’t uncensored ourselves, especially if we are much concerned about our citizens.”