The First Glimpse Of Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs!

A few years back one of the best cameras was introduced for the public by Canon. The PowerShot SX50 HS was the best camera any one could ever wish for, it continued its list of perfection till 2013. The balancing feature of this camera is 50x optical zoom and the quality of the picture is in the tall order and some kind of superzoom are seen to be having a competition with it, but their results were nothing as compared to the images taken by Canon.

In this New Year Canon is introducing the SX530 HS in the market. Its price is almost 429.99 dollars. Even this new model is less in the terms of use but it will go in the market in exact same price as the one of SX50.Its reason is the Rivalry of the siblings.

The Usage and Design of Canon SX530:

In the present time a lot of time is required to sit and have a look on the camera. The rotational screen, high-res EVF, it is too much difficult for the models of low range to stand in competition with it.

The canon kept it quite simple without any rotation screen or EVF and the people must be thinking that it’s a mistake. The PowerShot appeared in front of the people in same price but much better equipped with the technology SX50 which is quite enough for it to stand among many designs of the cameras.

This camera is having a strong tiny grip which is covered with the sticky rubber and keeps the grip firm on SX530 without any tension. The shutter button is having a zoom in the surrounding which makes it feel right according to the price.

There is a button at the back of the camera for the activation of widi and helps in the transfer of image to the cell phone in a quick and straight forward way. The rest of the control system is also quite awesome to grab the attention of the people who are using it. You can see a device pad with different buttons of flash, macro display etc and the shortcuts as well.