The First Glimpse Of Lumix Cm1 By Panasonic!

The marketing of photo shoots is losing its importance in the public as the consumers are doing more focus on taking the pictures in daily life by their android phones.

Although, the people will now deny the use of cameras when they are having smartphones as a backup, but there are still some people who focus on buying the cameras these days, mainly the points and shoots and they are earning just like the sales of android phones is going on top list. For this purpose we can go through the quarter earning of this year as an example.

As a result some main players are doing the tests and lifting the ante for the photography by the touch phones. Nokia which is now considered to be as a Microsoft cellphone is leading the others in the latest market of the camera phones and there is no comparison of the series of Lumia.

But the Microsoft is going to lose its rank in a very soon time period. The Lumix by Panasonic CM1 is the first Smartphone having the latest features of sensor of 1 inch, the same type of chip is used in the cameras like the RX100 by Sony and Panasonic is having the latest FZ1000.

It is having Android 4.4 KitKat, the specs are quite heavy and the camera is to die for, the Lumix CM 1 is a phone and camera in one with the unique features. This latest discovery is about to come in USA. It came in front of the public at the Consumers Electronics Show of this year.

The Apple iPhone is having a perfect camera along with extra slim body built. The latest Nokia Lumia 1020 was made by keeping in view the hump that is around the camera hump and which is submerged in the body. From its side it is the fact that the CM1 by Panasonic is all about its best features of camera.

This shows that this Smartphone actually gives the look of camera most important like the Camera of Panasonic Lumix. The corners of this camera are of metal and leather and the people at once think about Lumix GM1. On its first impression this camera gives a signal that it is perfectly designed first to work as a camera.

It is large in size than the other average smart device and all the credit goes to the photographic features and you can actually feel the perfection when you are holding it in your hands. It can easily be slipped inside the pocket apart from other pocket devices.

When you slide the buttons of the camera it is activated and the lens is extended from its original position which starts the software as well. The time for the camera to take a picture is almost two seconds which is rough estimation according to the small sensor of the smart device. One out of two quad core processors is the requirement for the operation of camera.