The Flud: Answers To Your Useful Tech Questions!


We have been receiving many tech questions from our users on our social official pages and the online portal and they are asking us what devices are hot under the radar and what devices they should use. We are also getting the tech questions like, how to make the things work and they are asking us about our suggestions and recommendations.

Today, we have decided to answer such tech questions asked most frequently by our readers and we will answer them to the best of our experience and knowledge.

As we know that the people have their hands on the exciting gifts that they have received from their loved ones and many of them are facing some difficulties or the troubles on some tech issues. We have weighed up the questions and have decided to answer the most frequently asked tech questions below.

Hi, I have been there at The Flud regularly and I am here to ask you a question that I have been finding the best answer for and I would like to know that which type of the camera and the computer should I purchase?

Some other questions seeking answers for the questions like:

-Spending a $100 amount for the HDMI cable makes sense or not?

-How much speedy my memory card ought to be?

– If I have an external hard disk, then why it should not be working with the Mac and the Windows computers?

-What should I need to do with my older Smartphone after getting a new Smartphone as a gift?

In our different categories, we had a discussion over the cameras and we talked about the Kodak emerging again in the tech industry and we also discussed on how to digitalize the old photos in our conversation.

Recently, we had the discussion on the Windows 10 and some of its brand new features and we also discussed in detail what you can do with your old Smartphone or the other gadgets if you have got a new Smartphone or the device as a new gift.

All the suggestions and the recommendations were based on our year’s analysis and the responses that the different gadgets have get in the year 2014. We have covered the whole year’s tech developments and performances and based on such facts, we have answered all such questions in shape of the news and reviews from the team “The Flud”.

We wish you a very Happy New Year!