The Latest Intel Devices Can Stop Death Rate By The Heat Up Cars!

If we take the percentage of the children who die in heat up cars, it would be 38 out of 100.A device has been created by Intel which sends an alert signal on your cell phone to give you a warning that your kid is in the car.

There is a smart clip made by Intel which is attached to the harness of the seat of your child who is in the car. If there is emergency or when their situation that can be harmful for kid you will get an alert and the harness of the seat will be tied in a strong grip.

The high technology clip is changed with the one that is already strapped with the car seat of your kid. The device of Intel is in touch with the application that will be installed on your mobile. The application will show a green mark of your child is not on the seat, otherwise it will show a red X mark when your child is still buckled in the car seat.

If you go out of the car when the red X mark is visible on the screen, the alarm that is connected to application on your cell phone will keep on ringing even if you know about its going off, it will stop giving signal when you are back to a range of the car and clip it.

These are the words of Marcie Miler who is a professional of Intel and gave the demonstration of the product.

Marcie not only did the testing of this Intel product at his work but he also did the experimentation of this system at his home on his daughter who is of 8 months.

According to him, his responsibility as a father parent cannot be exchanged by anything but at least he got some relaxation on those busy days when he is not able to give proper attention to his kid.

The cars get hot very fast, especially in the months of summer. A car can heat up in just 10 minutes to 20 degrees of temperature. Apart from it the body temperature of a kid body is also almost 10 times more than the temperature of an adult body as per research of university in San Francisco.

Marcie said that there are many peoples who think that no tragedy is going to happen with them but we heard about many cases per day which are a kind of lesson for us. We all should do some precautionary measures to be prepared for such tragic times. We hear a story of heat up cars each day and how it took the life of someone.

This application keeps the track of the temperature in the vehicle and also the charging of the sensor.

This device got too much attention in the Consumer Electronics Show. The feedback from the customers was really appreciative and positive. This device will be in the markets at the end of this year and the people can use it for the safety of their kids.