The Latest Smartphone Of HTC Has Similar Features Of iPhone At Low Rates

A new smartphone has been introduced by HTC that has a flat back of aluminum, curved edges, the antenna break lines at the top and camera which strike the top of the phone very slightly. Besides that, there is a headphone jack at the bottom with the power port.

This new smartphone released by HTC is going to be proved as a big danger for the iPhone 6S. The name of the phone is HTC One A9 and it is dangerous for the competitor because it has the features equivalent to that but the price is much lower. The cost of the iPhone 6S is $650 while you can avail this HTC smartphone for $400.

According to HTC, the similar guideline of the design of the HTC phone and the iPhone was the coincidence. Feedbacks have come regarding this matter but the similarity was not intentional, explained by the head of the creative labs of HTC, Drew Bamford.

HTC is the brand that introduced the smartphones with Android software first time and the company earned the high success in the earlier stage of the Android software. Late, the struggle for the company began because of the competitors providing the same or even better features and the software. It was Samsung along with Apple which disturbs the business of the HTC.

HTC has been able to get the positive feedback over its One M line of phones and few customers scare off its thicker profile. Besides, it has not been able to get applauded by the buyers for its dual front-facing stereo speakers.

There are some customers which are interested in the great quality and features of M-line. But according to Bamford, the purpose of creating the A-line phones was to capture the large number of customers of the smartphone who demanded a balanced device in the shape of a thinner body, more stylish look and according to the needs of the daily routine.

The camera of the phone is better than many phones and the technology for charging is fast along with a finger print sensor. HTC has shown more concentration on the headphone jack to make the better quality as compared to the CD audio one.

The phone with such high-end features is if available for $400 then there is no doubt that it is one of the best deals in the smartphones right now. But that $400 amount also looks high when Motorola and OnePlus are considered. Yu can get the X Pure Edition phone of Motorola at the same cost while you may have the OnePlus 2 for $329.