The Microsoft’s Azure Service Fabric A New Technology Master

Today the world largest technological company Microsoft has announced the new innovative cloud service like Azure Service Fabric, which is specially designed for the running and building of the applications in a micro-services which is a tiny block.

The Azure Service Fabric Paas cloud technology, which work as a modern and advanced technology. In 2010, Microsoft has started their business with this technique, but failed to grab the attention of the developers market. With this new invention, now it would definitely source of attraction for the new development as the technique is based on frequent updating of the important applications and its parts, which is good and effective as no more entire application updating is needed which irked the users. The target customers of this innovative product introduced by the Microsoft are the companies which deal with the software like a cloud in the competitive market. Such companies got maximum customer attention and the people respond in their order frequently, no matter the size of the order they do from such companies.

The Product Manager of Microsoft Mike Schutz told the Venture Beat:

“They cloud developing software companies should not worry about the elements which are operated for the orchestration and placement such as the management of the life cycle”.

The company is planning to launch the preview of the Azure Service Fabric at the end of the April for the company like Build Conference. After this launch, there would be more from the Microsft for their customers as the new version of such technology would be released as the Windows Server Software for the company’s which would be used mostly in the data centers on the premises..

This master product of the Microsoft is the most advanced and innovative tool which will give a new approach to the software companies in the software development world and give will improve the current infrastructure of the Information Technology in the world.

The major benefit of this invention is that the Azure Service Fabric will give the Microsoft a more unique and conducive identifiable among the other competitors who are also working on the infrastructure of the cloud technology and also support its new versions of the modern technological masterpieces. Such companies like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services and others are part of those company list.

According to the Schutz, the competitive services of such technology introduced by the other software companies are not considered as the direct competitors for the providers of the cloud technology, but Microsoft always discussed about the competition with the Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry which have also introduced the Paas System in the market.

The software is powerful enough to give new trend in such cloud technology, through its most advance and innovative techniques of packing the code of the application and sharing the application to the other server without changing the codes. The computing system could handle the micro-services on the stateful and the stateless grounds.