The most lucrative skills you can learn online

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With inflation and the cost of living rising, it is imperative to look for several sources of income. Blackjack for high rollers can be quite lucrative but it requires a lot of luck and skill. For others who are not so lucky, marketable skills should be gained. Fortunately, there are many websites and blogs that offer tutorials for the average Joe to learn certain skills to be able to earn good money. 



By far the most in-demand skill nowadays, coding is no longer an exclusive skill that you have to pay thousands of dollars to learn. There are many online sites that help teach you coding for free or for a very minimal price. Sites like, or MIT Open Courseware can get you started. Computer programmers earn an average of USD 34.81 an hour. So if you work 35 hours a week, that means USD 1,218.35 a week, USD 4,873.4 a month, or USD 58.480.8 a year.  



If you are bilingual, then translating jobs are for you. Certified ATA (American Translators Association) translators can earn up to USD 54,000 annually while those not certified can still earn USD 45,000 per year. Sometimes it depends on how in-demand a translator is for a certain language. The more in-demand it is, the higher you can get. You can learn the basics about translating from language sites like Duolingo, MIT Open Courseware and Coursera. Of course, if you possess native speaker level of fluency, you can dive right into it and find jobs at or Glassdoor. 

Graphic Design 

Every successful business knows the importance of graphic design. From logos to flyers, letterheads to calling cards, having carefully created company images help communicate messages and establish brand image very effectively. With sites like Udemy, Canva, and Skillshare every Tom, Dick, and Harry can learn graphic design so easily. A graphic designer can earn an average of USD 22 per hour. For working 35 hours a week, you can earn USD 770 a week, USD 3,080 a month, or USD 36,960 a year. These numbers can go as high as USD 74 an hour for more complicated projects and for rush projects. The more experienced and better you are, the higher the price you can command. 



If you have a way with words, then copywriting may be the niche for you. Businesses need copywriters to write articles for them or come up with catchy advertising materials. These can be used in emails, websites, brochures, print ads, and so on. On average, a freelance copywriter can charge USD 35 an hour. That is USD 1,225 on a 35-hour work week, USD 4,900 a month, or USD 58,800 a year. There is a premium if you know SEO Copywriting, which is all the rage right now. You can charge USD 80 an hour if you are a mid-level copywriter. With sites like Kopywriting Kourse, Copyblogger, and Udemy, you can quickly learn the tools of the trade and start earning some serious money.