The New Gif Keyboard: Say Goodbye To Emojis

For all the IOS users, if it was a mess using the same emoji again and again just because the lack of a perfect keyboard to offer the perfect animations to tell someone exactly what you feel, then it is no more a mess because you will soon get the animated GIF keyboard that will allow you to use the perfect animations to express your feelings perfectly in shape of different animations. Until now, the IOS users have used the emoji app because there is no keyboard app available at the Apple store for their devices.

Apple announced the IOS earlier this year and one of the excited features that have made the developers really excited is the IOS 8 Extensions. That means that the developers will now be able to bring the keyboard apps for the IOS devices for the first time in IOS history.

This is just great news for all the IOS users because they were waiting for this kind of application for a very long time, but now, the wait is just about to get over. The users will be allowed to use a keyboard that will contain different animated GIFs by using a PopKey keyboard app.

Even though, iMessage, at present, is already allowing the users to receive and send GIF’s, the company that is responsible for the WorkShopX, PopKey, says that the application includes the process of selecting and sending. The users will be allowed to use a keyboard containing the different animated GIFs. Interestingly, the users can also upload their own animated GIFs along with the hundreds of GIFs those have come with the app.

And more importantly, the app will also be updated consistently according to the latest trends and topics. So, for all the iPhone users, it’s great news and they will have to wait for only a couple of weeks more for this great feature.