The New Version Of The Android Has Been Announced

The name of the upcoming Android version of the operating system for your mobile has been disclosed by Google which will be Marshmallow. If we look at all the previous versions of Android, the names were given based on any candy or desert by an alphabetical order which began with the “C” letter.

The people working for Android were surprised to know about this new name as they had other thing in their minds. The discussion about the new name within the Android was done according to which its new version would be known as “Macadamia Nut Cookie”.

This also happened in the year 2013 when the latest version at that time was launched and given the name “Kit Kat” which was supposed to be “Key Lime Pie”. Google always look to do something that is new, unexpected and fun, keeping that in consideration a deal at the eleventh hour was hit with Nestle by Google.

Hiroshi Lockheimer who is the vice president of engineering at Android said that they do not lack the ideas which come from internal sources as well external sources. Even Google received the threat from a pastry association based in France to consider the name proposed by them i-e “kouglof”.

The version of Android “Marshmallow” which will be launched publically in coming fall season was discussed by the developers during the month of May when a conference was held to take the decision about the new operating system of the Android called” I/O Conference

The idea on which the upcoming version is based relates to the changing in the experience users are having which includes making amendments in the fundamental features of the operating system and crushing of the bugs which are creating problems for the users.

The latest addition in the features is the Android Pay which is going to be the improved version of Google Wallet for which Google made an attempt earlier as well.

There are more improvements in this new operating system of Android of which new tool has been made a part that is used to take the permission by the users through which they can get better control over what has been shared with apps by them.

Other features include one to save the battery of the phone and another tool which can assist you in the opening of the tabs of Google Chrome Browser when working directly inside the opened apps rather than giving you the option of making a selection among any app and the Chrome Browser.

The wait is not very long now. In the fall, we can experience the new operating system of Android with these features which are being hoped by the Google to be successful.