The Oldest Facebook User (Aged 114) Died!

The Facebook, as the biggest online social media network was emerged on the tech radar back in the year 2004 in the month of February (4th Feb) and it was then got the popularity and the tremendous hype among the all age groups all around the world.

People have build up their online social profiles over this social media platform from the every age group and one witness of the popularity of the Facebook among the all age groups is the 114 years old woman named as Anna Stoehr who has the social media account against her name.

The 114 years old woman Anna Stoehr has been died recently, but the woman has ben considered as the oldest Facebook user all around the world.

According to her family – The Anna Stoehr who is believed to be the oldest woman on the earth using the Facebook has been passed away at the age of 114 years.

The 114 years old Facebook user belonged to the Plainview, Minnesota and she got a widespread attention in the month of October when she claimed that she had to lie for her age in order to sign up as a Facebook user.

In response, the Facebook celebrated the impressive long life of the woman on her birthday.

According to her 84 year old son, Harlan Stoehr – Facebook presented her the big bouquet combined with the 114 flowers in October when she became 114 after knowing that the Anna Stoehr had to provide the fake date of birth in order to sign up for the Facebook account.

There are 5 children along with 27 grandchildren and the 12 great-grandchildren she left after her death.

When Anna Stoehr was born, there was no car, electricity or the telephone available for her family at that time. She was born in the year of 1900.

Even the Facebook allows the users to sign up for the Facebook account who were born back in 1905 because when you sign up as a new user at the Facebook sign up page, the birth year is starting from the 1905. That means, if you enters a year before the 1905, then you won’t be able to sign up for the Facebook user account.

According to Marlene Stoehr who is the daughter-in-law of Anna Stoehr – The Chief Executive of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had tried to reach her right after when the Facebook delivered an apology for the age restriction.

The Anna Stoehr signed up for the Facebook account when she was 113 years old.

The 113 years old Anna Stoehr (at the time of sign up) got interested in creating the Facebook account because of the friendship with the salesman of Verizon. There was a deal for the iPhone between the Joseph Ramireza (the salesman) and her 85 years old son who talked about her, and then the Joseph Ramireza said that he had to meet up with her.

When there was no option for the one who had born before 1905 and had to make a Facebook account, then the Ramireza asked the Anna Stoehr to write a letter to the Zuckerberg. And she wrote, “I am still her.”