According to a new report, the plan of Google is to do big investment in SpaceX. Let’s have a glimpse of the weekly technology stocks.

According to a new report, Google is about to invest almost 1 billion dollars in SpaceX. This space program is having the back support by Tesla. The funds will be moved for the use of satellites to provide internet access to the areas of low cost in all over the world. The investment will be of almost 10 billion dollars to SpaceX.

Twitter: This social networking site did the announcement that it is getting the India based company by the name of ZipDial. The starting of the mobile market is on top list and is quite good for the top going markets.

Netflix: The fourth quarter of the earning from this media technology giant was given this week. Its shares are almost up to 1.47 percent but the share if this media are getting low from the last 3 months.

IBM: The quarterly earnings of this big blow came in front of the officials on this weekend it also noticed the downfall of its stocks in the market. Almost more than 30 dollars were lost by it since last year.

T-Mobile: The CEO of telecom said that he is quite positive regarding the carrier of wireless network. He said that the recent plans are soon going to be implemented that will uplift the standard of the wireless networking.

All these websites are making progress on their own level and fulfilling the demands of the people. More increase in the future is expected after the investment in the SpaceX project and it will definitely bring positive outcome by the people as well as these networks will be upgraded for the future.