The Race For The Device Activation This Holiday: Apple Dominated!

It seems like that on a lot of wish lists of the holiday, the devices by the Apple is clearly on the top.

During the week of the Christmas, there was half of the total device activations, 51% to be exactly were from the Apple – reported by a research firm known as “Flurry”.

On the second spot, it was Samsung with the 18% of the all device activations and followed by the Nokia at the number three with the 6% that makes it on the number three on this list.

There were exactly two iPhone models launched earlier this year and both of them having the bigger screens unlike the previous editions by the iPhone till the iPhone 5s.

The 4.7-inch screen helps the iPhone 6 users to experience a larger screen and the iPhone 6 Plus arrived in the market as the “phablet” that holds a 5.5 inch display.

On the Christmas Day, there are many gift exchanges among the people and most of the gifts exchanged among them are the tablets or the SmartPhones. So, the Christmas Day definitely the one of most popular days for the app downloads.

According to the research firm known as “Flurry” – there was approximately 2.5 times more app installations witnessed by the consumers during the December’s first three weeks.

During the December’s first three weeks, the most popular downloads were from the messaging and the games categories.

For the time, the “phablets” have become the more smart choice to present as a gift because of its larger screen.

According to the research firm Flurry – 13 percent of the new devices those were activated are from the phablet category that was just 3 percent a couple of years back.

There is a decline seen for the small and full size tablets and there were 17 percent of the activated devices those fell under the category of the full size tablets, but in this year, it dropped to only 11 percent.