The Reason Behind The Apple’s Support In The Court For Microsoft!

Are your private emails being out of the reach of the United States government? Well, the Microsoft believes that they are familiar with the answer of this question now and they are actually in the court now to fight in order to prove the point.

This Monday, in a press meeting held in the New York, the Microsoft put down their case that why they are saying no to obey the federal subpoena and the search warrant of the emails of the customers’.

There are 18 tech rivals along with the Apple and the 16 other media organizations who have said that they are going to file the court briefs in the support of the Microsoft’s position. That means that they are supporting the Microsoft on this issue.

The reason for the Microsoft’s argument is based on the facts that the data stored overseas does not subjects to the United States law enforcement. There is a legal channel that is recognized as the “Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” and if anyone wants to get information on something, then it must be going through that legal channel.

For instance, just for the reason that the Hilton is an organization that is situated in the US, the United States government cannot search the Hilton hotel room in the UK. The items stored in that room must be covered by the laws of United Kingdom. Said by the Ed Lazowska, who is a professor of computer science at the University of Washington in the briefing.

But, the Microsoft’s argument was rejected by the federal trial judge in the August. According to the judge, “As the emails can be immediately relocated to the US by just a single click, the search will in fact happen here”. The decision of the judge was appealed by the Microsoft.

So, that is what has been happening in the court on the issue and the Apple is currently supporting the Microsoft in the court along with 18 other tech rivals and the 16 media organizations.