The Release Of iPhone 6 Is Likely To Drive The Oldest iPhone Trade-Ins Ever

The release of the iPhone 6 is almost here, making most trade-in sites to clamor increasingly for previous versions of iPhones, even the oldest ones. Ebay is on top of the list of these trade-in sites and promises to give those who are not able to sell off their old iPhones on the trade-in sites a $100 coupon.

Already, the news that Apple may likely debut the long-awaited iPhone 6 come September 9 has spread like wildfire. According to the information gathered, the launch of this latest iPhone will take place in San Francisco in the course of a media event. Perhaps, one of the most interesting thing about this news is the opportunity the release of the iPhone 6 offers to old iPhone owners to trade-in their phones on leading auction sites. Even the auction sites are excited about the news since it is also time for them to generate tons of profits from old iPhones trade-ins.

Recently, an eBay representative stated on the internet that the company is set to give out $100 coupon to sellers that couldn’t sell the old iPhones they have in stock. This offer is slated to run from September 1 through to October 23.

Right now, anyone who has old iPhone can generate good income from it through the trade-in. For instance, the iPhone 5s may fetch the owner around $500 or more if disposed on eBay trade-in site. The eBay representative in question also noted that the previous iPhone versions such as the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 were sold at an average price of $280 when the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were launched. Another notable thing is that each time new iPhone generation is about to be released, there’s usually increased rise in the number of older iPhone listing.

Another trade-in site longing for the benefits that will come with the launch of the newest iPhone is NextWorth. The company noted that the release of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c brought in tons of proceeds through trade-ins in terms of profit.This year, they are expecting to even double this profit volume with the release of the iPhone 6 slated for September 9.

The historical data of the company showed that Nextworth saw a 105% upsurge with the launch of any ‘numbered’ new iPhone model, compared to the lower profit that came when the “s” version was launched, except iPhone 4s that turned in dramatic proceeds even more than the release of the iPhone 5.