“ The Right ToBbe forgotten”- Google Has Started A Tour Of Meetings Al EU Level

The American company launched on Tuesday a European tour of public meetings about the “ right to be forgotten” and about removal of links at specific requests. This tour comes after The European Court of Justice took its controversial decision this May.

Representatives of Google, which, at European level, receive about 1000 requests daily to remove some links from searches, said that, through these discussions they will find a balance between the people’s right to be forgotten and people’s right to be informed.

Committee of ten experts must hear arguments from people and organizations. These individual and organizations will be selected from the website speccialy created for this initiative : https://www.google.com/intl/fr/advisorycouncil.

The tour initiated by Google started Tuesday in Madrid. Consultations will take place in Rome ( Wednesday), Paris ( 25 September), Warsaw ( September 30), Berlin ( October 14), London ( October 16) and Brussels ( November 4), according to the website dedicated to this string of events.

The Committee of experts is formed of: Luciano Floridi, Professor of philosophy and ethics at Oxford University, Sylvie Kauffmann, the editorial director of Le Monde, Lidia Kolucka-Zuk, Executive Director of the Trust of Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, Frank La Rue, a specialist in human rights, Jose-Luis Pinar, PhD in law, Sabine Leutheusser- Schnarrenberger, a german member of Parliament and former Minister of Justice in this country, Peggy Valcke, Professor at University of Leuven in Belgium, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive of Google and David. Drummond who joined Google in 2002 , responsible for the development of the company and with legal issues.

Google representatives announced that they had received more than 91000 removal requests for 328000 links after The European Court of Justice took its decision. Google answered to over 45000 requests.

Google has published an online form that can be accesed by any person who wants to remove certain results from the search engine.

Google said that not all these links will be deleted but all requests will be analized and after that a decision will be taken.