The secret behind why Windows 10 is so good

When Windows 10 was being made, Microsoft appreciated the input from Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba during the entire process. That is why Microsoft assures that it has made a much better operating system than Window 8 or Windows Vista and the flaws in those previous operating systems would not be found in Windows 10. The PC makers told that they were right there from the beginning with the team which was making the new Windows. They were all there in a room and advices were always welcomed from them. This co-operation from Microsoft has got significant amount of appreciation from the PC makers and they say that when Windows 8 was launched, that looked like an urged thing which must have been used but this time the situation is unlike the previous one.

Dell Marketing Chief, Allison Dew called it an amazing experience and better than Windows 8 regarding turning off the PCs and getting to the desktop. Head of Toshiba US, Jeff Barney also valued the new operating system as Windows 8 was an operating system which was difficult to deal with. Windows 10 will not be the operating system with the features like Windows 8 and it has very different and more attractive features which would be a great motivation for the people to come back to the usage of the services of PC market.

The features which have been added in the Windows will be a source of business for these companies as they will add any of the features and then use that to make their devices improved and sell them to their customers. So, it will not be wrong if we say that through this new Windows Microsoft will be improving the businesses of others. The X2 next generation detachable device of HP will be using Continuum which is the new feature added by Microsoft. By the help of this new feature, if you’re using a Windows tablet, convertible notebook or smartphone, Windows 10 can morph to fit your screen. Toshiba is going to add an option of turning off the Cortana feature so that the customers can get more privacy. Cortana is a feature like Siri in Apple which helps you in searching and launching the apps.

Microsoft acknowledges that its PC partners were helpful and the approach of involving them and being more open to the customers and partners was deliberate and now Microsoft is glad to have the positive feedbacks from them and says that these appreciated feedbacks from the customer have guaranteed that the company has started a new era as the testing of the Windows 10 has been successful which is evident from the comments of the customers.