The Shares Of Amazon After The Rally Were 12%!

The increase in the prime membership was quite helpful for the Amazon to return back to its level after the first quarter of the year but still it is having the chances of lost in the future.

The sales of the company on online scale were 214 million dollars which was in the last few months of the previous year. But the result that they got was beyond expected level that Amazon got 12% shares in price of 349 dollars after the trade of few hours.

Amazon reported that it earned 45% share in the 4th quarter that was quite more than the imagination of the analysts who predicted that it would be nearly 17 cents per each share. Amazon was going in loss in the starting two quarters of the year.

Due to high level of shopping online with a large number of prime members helped in increasing the quarter of income.

The prime customers were having the facility of free shipping in America as a direct approach to the movies, music and the reading magazines for the price of 99 dollars per each.

According to a research by the institute of consumers intelligence there are almost 40 million prime members from America that are quite important for the company spending almost 1500 dollars per year which is almost 625 dollars per year for the people who are not the members of the company.

The popular services provided by Amazon are the digital service of the streaming, instant videos. They make the customers to move to prime according to the analysts.

However the investors of Amazon are asking if the structure it is able to make the higher sale and more level of growth or not in the marketing.