The T-Mobile Pink Color A Challenge For The Rivalries

The smallest telecommunication and the mobile network provider, the T-Mobile which is based in the United States, has declared that they would be the un-carrier rivalry in the competitive world. The company has used the competitive tacts which could bruise their rivalries with the different price ranges. Due to its fast and reliable mobiles and the network, the company is successful in getting the 14m customers and the subscribers around the world. It is becoming the fastest and the effective mobile network in the United States, which has ignited the rivalries of the company who also operate in the same type of mobile network.

On last Tuesday, the T-Mobile has announced excitedly that they have earned more than that in 14m customers and the subscribers for their services and product. This would be double in the next years and could increase up to more 991,000 postpaid customers who pay them for getting the most reliable and the effective services from the company. This service is updated on the monthly basis.

The company has emblazoned its materials of the investor which has a message printed with the capital block of pink color as “WE WON’T STOP.” The message is a way to communicate with the rivalries that they are challenged to cope with the success ladder of the T-mobile. It is direct pledge to the shareholders of the company who are interested to purchase shares of the company with their high rising popularity and the profit chart as compared to the other rivalry companies of the United States which are also working on the same platform.

If the Sprint, which in the 3rd number of the network would ever lose their users of the postpaid phone in the first quarter, this would be the benefits for the company like T-Mobile to grab the market with more innovative and the reliable ideas as it is predicted and expected by the analysts. According to then the T-Mobile is accounted to achieve the maximum growth in the competitive market where various other companies are planning hard to compete them. It will soon rule over the mobile and the telecommunication industry.

The T-Mobile competitors the AT&T and the Verizon are the largest operators in the United States are now at the edge after loosing the more than 400,000 subscribers and the consumers from the first three months of this current year after the T-Mobile bring more innovative and the fastest services to grab the consumer mobile market. These companies profit margins are much less than the T-Mobile. Now they should focus on increasing and competing the profit range with the T-Mobile by introducing the good innovative plans and packages for the consumers, rather than focus on discount prices for their services which are designed for the consumers.

According to the analyst Amir Rozwadowski in the Barclays said that these top 2 carriers, which they seem to “resigned to not chasing every subscriber” is not as appealing to work successfully in the competitive market.