The Timeful Feature In Google Apps, Another Success Story

The Google is the most used search engine which provides its users, the variety of the services across the world. The Google is now updating various features for the users. With the advancement in the technology and the other updating, now the Google is also in the list of the additional features in their app. Now they could acquire the Timeful feature app which will drop the events in the schedule of your app as it starts.

The Timeful has posted their post and informed the users about their new feature as

“Now, the users could get a unique feature as they start the app and would get more interesting features according to what they expect from the Timeful. All the app would now available on the Google Apps Store.”

The Timeful app will be soon available for all the users. They could export the data out of this app name Timeful. Beside, this there are more projects which are under the working process of the Timeful team.

The iOS app, Timeful became available for the users since last year. Unluckily, the app Timeful failed to manage its release on an app on the Android. The start up of this app will accept those email addresses who wished to try the beta version of the Timeful as the Android app on their mobile phones as the app available for them.

The startup of the Timeful has collected the several scientists of data which worked at the Gloria Lau and the LinkedIn. By introducing of the Timeful app for the Google app list of the recommended app, it would be the most useful for the services which is provided by the Google.

This app was launched in the last year 2013. The app was based in the Calif, Mountain View. The investors include Greylock Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Pitango Venture Capital, Khosla Ventures and the Data Collective.

This deal seems like the Microsoft’s calendar app which is named as the Sunrise.

According to the Director of the Google product Mr. Alex said that they are much overwhelmed with the Timeful technological ideas, which could be applicable to all the products like Calendar, Inbox and others. Through this advanced techniques, they could progress much better and give a new vision to the creative ideas which are fun to adopt and the user could spend their precious time as much as they can with the people, they care in the world.

The approach of the Timeful is to manage the time of the users which is another mark of the artificial intelligence. With the introducing of the Timeful technology in the Google Apps, it is a great way to increase the profit margin and the growth of the Google products. This way is much convenient and effective for the users of the Google. It is important for the any providers to change the environment by giving more effective features which make the users life easy.