The Top 3 Interesting Gadgets Of This Week!

Gadgets! We see so many gadgets around and most of the time we try to get the best gadgets to use them for the entertainment and also for the general use. There are many latest gadgets around those have hit the market this year, but let’s discus a few interesting gadgets of the 2014!

Babolat Play Pure Drive tennis racket

Available at $299

By shapes, it does look like a regular tennis racket. But in fact, it has got something more to offer!

Well, this gadget can record the information about the swing of the racket with the help of its sensors those are hidden in the handle. So, you can now record the important information about your tennis racket swing and the Babolat Play Pure Drive has got the strength to do it for you. You can know your power, where you are beating the ball, number of the forehands, serves, backhand and the smashes with the help of a mobile application. This useful and entertaining gadget is available at the $299.


Available at $325

You can paint the night scene with the light by putting your camera on Pixelstick’s long exposure mode. There are 200 LEDs in the aluminum stick that is long. This gadget can be programmed in order to the images you desire. You can take the shot and someone can move the stick. This gadget has got the stunning results and it is available at $325.


Available at $99

You already have the speakers? And you don’t need to shell out for the new wireless speakers? Well, this gadget is just for you. You can plug this gadget into your existing speakers and it can be connected by the WiFi to the Smartphone. It works with the Spotify or the Pandora only right now but the beep says that there will be more applications those are coming shortly. This gadget is available at the $99

SmartThings Starter Kit

Available at $321

If you want to connect your home appliances, the lights, and the windows with your phone, then it doesn’t require you to buy the all new things. This g

Eat gadget (SmartThings Starter Kit) have a motion sensor, Wi-Fi connected hub, location sensor, an open/closed sensor and the connected plug. It is a great tool to secure your home digitally although; you can look for the more as well. The gadget is available at $321.