The Top Coolest Gadgets Of The Year 2014!

It has been the era of technology and the era of gadgets! So many gadgets are here to get your hands on them to enjoy their benefits and useful features. In 2014, we have seen some interesting and the cool gadgets and let’s take a glance a few top gadgets of the year 2014 – Flud.

Lumo Lift

Available at $99!

A fitness gadget, that has something unique and helpful to offer as contrasted to the other fitness gadgets available in the market. Well, as conventional fitness gadget, the Lumo Lift will calculate the burned calories, count your steps, and calculate the distance covered and such things that a conventional fitness gadget does. But, what thing separates this cool fitness gadget from the rest? It will vibrate while you slouch, adjusting the posture: It is a real winner for the people who are having a desk job.

Sonos Play 1

Available at $199!

Under the $200, it is really a great deal. This beautiful gadget has the ability to be paired with the tablets, Smartphone or the computers/laptops in order to play the music that makes this gadget even more useful and separates it to the others. If you have the couple of Sonos speakers, then it will be even more useful and better.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Available at $39!

It is a great rival for the Roku streaming stick and the Chromecast and it has good really good quality to offer you the right kind of experience. What thing makes it a good choice is its speed that is really fast. It has got a good storage and the memory as compared to the other rivals in this technology. You will get a remote with this gadget and it is also possible to search for the shows by your voice. The only thing that you can consider as a drawback is the unavailability of the “HBO Go” but that is also coming next year.

Flir One

Available at $349!

Well, this useful gadget has got a real strength to offer you the a bundle of useful things like, finding the answers for the questions like, from where the nasty draft is coming to your home. Finding the corner from where the ceiling is leaking and knowing whether your tires demands for the inflammation.

Samsung Gear VR

Available at $200!

Well, this is just the “virtual reality”. You can watch the virtual reality movies and also play the virtual reality games by connecting your phablet to the headset. The only thing you need is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

DJI Phantom II drone

Available at $959!

If you wish to receive the real-time images through the DJI Phantom II, then it can be operated with the help of the flight plan from your iPad. If you don’t want to use the GoPro that will be with it, then you can leave it to get the drone at below $280. But, this is a real fun.