The Top Video Games For The Kids In 2014!

Someone who spends the time with the family will definitely be aware of the fact that what things the kids like the most. Of course, the Games!

Here are the top console games that we have picked for the year 2014 for the kids.

  1. Super Smash Bros:

The fighting game from the Nintendo has been arrived and now it has been hitting the chart at the number one among the top picks for the console games for the 2014 year. While a survey for the top games in the different schools and among the other kids, we have found that the Super Smash Bros is getting the most number of likes and it has been used and liked by the more number of kids as compared with the other games for the kids. So, you can try this for your kid right now.

  1. PvZ – Garden Warfare:

This is a third person shooter game that has got really good gaming experience for your kids. If the concern is for the first person shooting, then it would definitely be the Call of Duty, but as you know I am talking about the third person shooting game, so you would know what exactly I mean. The third person shooting game that has been logged in for the most of the time as compared with the others, is the PvZ – Garden Warfare.

  1. Skylanders Trap Team:

It is another toy based games that gets the attentions of the kids so quickly. Unlike the Disney Infinity, the game doesn’t have the Toy Box and the real adventure approach is more refined and it does not at all scattered like the Disney’s adventure. The game is at the number three in this list for the year 2014.

  1. Mario Kart 8:

For many reasons, the game is just great for the Kid. For both type of the gamers like the hardcore gamers and the casual gamers, the game is a gift. The game also offers you an insight about how unfair the life is. Several evil items and the mechanics are a part of this great game and this is at the number four position in this countdown.

  1. Pokemon Art Academy:

The game is particularly great for three different reasons. To create encourage the creativity in the kids that can be a rear thing for the gamers to achieve in a game, the real drawing techniques are used in the game that can be really good for the kids and the third one that is best is the in game Lily classmate that is just hilarious. The game for its three dimensional type of enjoyment mode is just perfect for the kids to play. So, this is at the number three among the list.

The above top five games for the kids are the top picks for the year 2014 and you can try the above five games for your kids. So, the year has ended by ranking the above 5 games as the top picks of the year.