The Tracking Apps For The Teens: Are They A Good Parenting Or The Risky Ones?

Keeping an eye on your children is so important in this era. For their better growth and character building, it is necessary to keep an eye on their activities. Is it really possible to monitor their activities? Well, it is the 2014 and it is very easy to monitor your teens!

The Smartphone technology is here that permits you to track your children’s activity all the day. How? By installing the tracking apps on your Smartphone you can do it.

There are many parental tracking applications available in order to monitor the activity of your teens. You can install the apps in the Smartphone like the Life360, MamaBear, My Mobile Watchdog and Canary and a few others.

According to a few parent, using the parenting apps is a good thing to keep an eye on their kids while the privacy experts and a few psychologists notified that there are also the cons and pros. So, the parents must consider them before the sign up.

TeenSafe is a service that will allow the parents to keep an eye on the children’s social media activities, location, call log and the text messages. According to the co-founder of the TeenSafe, Ameeta Jain, “over 500,000 users are using the app at the time”.

Jain told to the media that, “being a mother of two children, I was worried about keeping an eye on the children’s digital world”.

And that thing was good enough to launch the parental security service that was launched back in 2011 and is being updated consistently till now.

According to the “Teens & Technology” Pew Research survey 2013, the Smartphones with the GPS service offers an option for the constant tracking and the 37% of the teens are using the smatphones.

Well, the parents can easily log on to the TeenSafe account on their own Smartphone, tablet or the desktop in order to see their children’s activities from their iPhone or the Android phones. According to the Jain, “the service helps parents to track the online harassment and it keep the teens out of the dangerous situations like getting into the car with a drunk driver”.

Jain added, “If we do not know what is going on in the digital world of our child, then we cannot protect them or we cannot guide them at all”.

According to a psychologist and expert of the teen behavior, Barbara Greenberg, “the regular monitoring can damage the relationship between the parents and the teens because it really gives a message of disbelief”.

At the maturing stage, the kids are expected to make mistakes, but f they feel that they are monitored constantly by the parents and they will fix everything every time, then the child can develop a lack of self-confidence and the increased nervousness – according to Barbara Greenberg.

The big concern is that the tracking applications and the services can also be used to track the people those are not the children of the users. Without any doubt, there are many circumstances in which the tracking apps & services can be abused.