The Twitter Low Profit Disappointed The Investors

The world second largest social site twitter which is always in the news after their appealing and innovative features which are introduced to the website have disappoint its investors again with the lower earnings. On Wednesday, the New York Stock Exchange has showed the shares of the Twitter which are much less than expected. No matter, the website is working to improve and compete in the competitive market against the Facebook, Instagram and others.

According to the report the biggest social website Twitter is struggling to get more users and introducing the appealing features on their website. It has an ability to get more customers and earn million dollars by using the promotional tacts and the marketing affective messages on their website. The promotional ads are always displayed to its users as they sign in with their accounts.

After the Facebook finding and the donating scheme which is introduced in aid for the Nepal Victims, its shares are leading massively. On the other hand, Twitter failed to grab the maximum users and earn high profit as compared to the Facebook. As a result the stock prices of the Twitter are declining, which disappointed the investors of the company.

With this low situation, Twitter has declared its investors after submitting the earning report that it has failed to earn maximum profit in the last quarter of the current year and it is expected to stagnate in the coming months. Their weaker financial report which is unpredictably low have disappointed the investors.It would be shown in the coming years, how they cope with such critical situation of the Twitter stock rates.

The report of the Twitter quarter earning was published early on the Tuesday. It was shared by the Selerity who is a firm financial analysis. After the release of the Twitter financial report, it also shared the plunging. Twitter trading is halted now. It seems that the company could distribute their results. This low earn report has also stopped the success chart of the Twitter which in return, steeped the stock price of the 18% which is a failure of the Twitter.

The chief executive of Twitter, Mr.Dick Costolo, have shared his statement with the Wall Street last November. He was at a view that this social website Twitter needed to “increase the pace and width of the change of product”.

The revenue of the Twitter was increased up to 74 % in the last quarter, but in the fourth quarter it declines with the massive change which is much lower than the 97 %. Such low % were unexpected for the company after their own forecast about the profit earned.

The attributes of the executives have slowed down the growth rate of the Twitter. The ads which appear on the user timeline is used as the downloaded apps, which needed to be clicked to gain the profit in the Twitter financial chart. This promotional way to earn profit is not much effect on this social site where people prefer to download the app after checking the ad on their timelines.