The Year Of Wearable Products, 2015!

In this fast world of connecting products, this New Year will become the year labeled as the year of health care. You will come to know that with a variety of different new applications and products in the Consumers show for the electronics in well known Las Vegas took place.

At first moment it seems difficult to think both of them wearable’s and the term for ‘healthcare ‘to be taken at one place but of course it cannot be accepted without their big display in a bright and shiny show case.

But no need to be mistaken, the difference is clearly visible to the people who are the experts in industry, because they are well aware from the fact that all these devices are having the ability to be used in fitness in the future time, and that time will be good as the people from medical professions are well aware that all these applications and devices can be helpful for them in using at the time of need in the healthcare department for a person born in the years following the Second World War, when there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate.

That’s a big problem. Take it as:

  • There are almost 78 million such people; we can say that it is roughly fourth of the population of USA.
  • The first of them will be the age of 70 years next year in 2016.

A lawyer of the health and care problems whose name is Jefrey Baaired told a group of sensor industry staff last year that the bodies start to lose their composure at the age of 70 years and according to him all these people will live for 85 years.

In USA average life expectancy is 78 years and according to him that it’s not acceptable to have 78 million people at one time.

Now the industries have to do the changes from fitness programs to healthcare plans. The work is to use the wearable products and devices by the physicians for the benefit of people and to make a good decision of taking care of their patients. Although all these precautions are put in to action and the wearable devices are used to get some vital signs but the requirements of all people are not similar.

The information gathered should be to the point and exact. It should also be kept personal and hidden, merely in use of the health care program. Some difficulties also come in it but we have to sort it out.

A fitness tracker is made by the Samsung Company that is quite in demand in the market and is known as digital health care initiative. The fund of 50 million dollars was spent on this discovery.

An Apple health tracker will soon come in the market, which is connected with the scales, trackers for all kind of activities and even blood pressure.

Very soon the time is about to come when the fitness wearable are not only going to be seen in sports but also pharmaceutical companies shelves and your doctor as well as your personal trainer is going to be aware of it.