There Are Announcements Other Than Iphone 6s To Be Made By Apple

It is guaranteed that the new iPhone which is going to be disclosed by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple will be successful. But the biggest announcement that is going to be made will not be about the iPhone rather it would be an iPad of larger size of size equivalent to laptop.

Quarterly reports of the company have been showing the decline in sales of the iPad since last 6 quarters. The reason behind the downfall of the sales of iPads is that the smartphones are coming with the bigger sizes now, although Apple does not show to the public that it has any issue with the decline of sales.

According to the CEO, there is a large number of people who say that they have an interest in purchasing the iPad but they do not actually buy it.

The sales of iPads are disturbed due to the Apple’s own iPhone 6 Plus that is of bigger size so Apple itself is responsible for the downfall.

The tendency of people to purchase iPhone can be seen by the annuals sales from the last year which show that almost two third of the revenue is coming from iPhones.

Expectations are high with the iPad Pro that is going to be launched now because it is a device that would be an appealing one especially for the specific market of customers whom Apple has decided to target and iPhone would not be able to cannibalize it.

In the corporate world, Apple has not been able to make its compact through the computers and there are only twenty nine percent of the corporations which are using minimum 1 Mac in the offices.

Apple has started making efforts to show an impact and presence in the corporate world by getting involved in the partnerships with the companies like Cisco and IBM by which Apple has aimed to strengthen its relationship with their IT departments.

Some productivity capabilities that were very much required in the Apple’s new software iOS 9 have also been added which include cursor control and an ability to let two apps run together.

The new iPad will have a large screen of 12.9 inches and when a stylus will be used to operate it, the device would prove to be very strong for the professionals.

iPad Pro will be preferred by many people who are interest to use a big screen but do not want the functions of a complete PC. They will love the device. Customers are also going to get the windows 10 in the tablet that would be used by a digital pen.

News regarding some products going to be disclosed which include updates for the Mac and Apple TV lineups and the upgrades for the operating system of the Apple Watch and through all of them company is hopeful in making the sales able to go upwards.