Things You Can Do In Order To Digitalize The Old Photos!

If I ask you about you about the place where your old photos may be, then I am pretty much sure that you will answer, “Photo albums, shoeboxes, or the frames.” Years have gone, the time is to recall your memories and make your old photos to digitalize them.

Now, the time is to get your old photos in your brand new PC/Laptop. Without any certainty, it seems like a huge task like climbing a difficult peak.

Digitalizing the memories:

The task is to get all your old photos in your PC. You need to buy a scanner, either you can buy a fully featured expensive scanner or you can go in the market to find the one that is made only to scan the photos.

That certainly depends on your budget and needs! Another alternate methodology to get the old photos into your PC is to capture the photo by using your digital camera, tablet or the Smartphone. And if you have decided to use this methodology of capturing the photo of your old photos by using your digital camera, tablet or the Smartphone, then you should install the app “Heirloom” that is specially created to scan the photos.

The lighting conditions and the tweaks perspectives will be adjusted automatically and the edges will be cropped automatically that means that you will not require to put a huge effort in order to scan the photos.

Additionally, you will also be able to keep the pictures in the albums and the frames when you scan the photos. That means that the time will be saved and you are not going to damage your old memorable photos as well.

And if you are having a huge number of the photos, then you can send all your old memorable photos to the photo-scanning services like the ScanCafe, PhotoBin and the FotoBridge in order to get them in your PC digitally.


When you have got all your old memorable photos in your PC in the file format like a Jpeg, then you will definitely need to organize hem now. Now, you will definitely want to organize your old photos in a way that if you want to find your photo when you were 12, then you should be able to find that easily.

If you are using the Mac, the built-in iPhoto has got the quality to do that for you. And for the users who are using the PC, they can get assistance from the Google Picasa.

Backing up the memories!

Well, the main objective to shift your old memories in your PC must be to ensure that you don’t lose your memories by damaging or losing them somewhere, so you will need to back up your old memories to make sure they stay with you forever!

For this purpose, you can use the online backup services like the BackBlaze, Mozy or the Carbonite. The Carbonite is the one backup source that I am using for long and that have never let me down until now!