Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brad Pit And Angelina Jolie’s Wedding

Either you’re living under a rock or you’ve already heard the news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tying the knot a couple of weeks ago in their home in the South of France. The world at large was disappointed by the secrecy of the event (a very low-key event with only their closest friends and family members in attendance), but after a few weeks of silence, the couple have finally spoken out and shared intimate details of their unforgettable day.

If you’ve caught a glimpse of Angelina’s wedding dress, then you probably already know its Versace and illustrated with drawings by her children on the back and you’ve probably already ogled at her wedding rings. However, below are 10 things that you probably DIDN’T know.

#1: They got married for the children. They’ve been asked a million times when they were planning to get married and they were very persistent that they’d only tie the knot after gay marriage was legalized. However, Brad Pitt was the first to speak out how much pressure they were getting from their children who wanted to see them married and how much it meant to them when they finally got engaged.

#2: The couple’s eldest sons, Maddox and Pax (13 and 10 respectively) were the ones to walk Angeline up the isle to Brad.

#3: The children were very active in wedding preparations and even helped them both in writing vows to each other.

#4: When Angelina walked into the chapel, Brad, her children and 20 guests hummed “Here Comes the Bride” – with no other music playing. Later, after they were announced husband and wife, the Wedding March was played.

#5: One of the rings was dropped at one point during the ceremony, reinforcing the fact that it was a very “informal, confortable and no-frills” atmosphere.

#6: Pax and his friends were the ones to bake the wedding cake!

#7: Undetermined who, but reportedly one of her children wrote “Buttock Futtock” on her dress. We’re glad she only gave them the back of her dress to do with as they wished and not the front as well!

#8: The chapel smelled of jasmine and rosemary thanks to the plentiful bushes right outside the windows. The couple’s vows were said with tears in their eyes as they promised love to one another and their beautiful family.

#9: After the ceremy was over, family and the few guests ate a home-cooked meal in their garden and drank Angelina’s favorite drink, Bosnian rosewater.

#10. Strangely enough, the couple’s honeymoon will be spent filming a new movie that stars the pair in an unlikely story, written by Angelina herself. The movie is about an unhappily married couple (“By The Sea”). This will be the first time the couple star in a movie together again since their debut in Mr and Mrs Smith where they famously first met (and fell in love).

The story of Angelina and Brad’s marriage is likely one that is going to run and run. After having gotten engaged in April 2012, people had been waiting for the day with much anticipation and while their wedding was certainly non-traditional by celebrity standards, it’s more or less what we expect of this homely family