Top Downloads For The Windows Phones In 2014!

For a windows phone user, it is like standing alone in the cold in the race of Smartphone when there are the Apple and the Android operating systems available in the market that the users are using. Without any doubt, the Android and the Apple have captured the most number of shares in the market for the Smartphones and more people tend to go for the Android or the Apple Smartphone.

But, what if you are a Windows user? You don’t need to be in a state of sadness because; you can still install a number of useful and entertaining apps in order to enjoy your Windows phone. For the Windows Phones, there are now at least 350,000 interesting apps available and you can browse and install the picks to enjoy them.

Let’s discuss a few interesting and top downloads for the Windows Phones in 2014!

  1. Xim

The Windows app that has been installed in most numbers throughout the years by the Windows users is Xim. You can use this great photo capturing and sharing app by installing it on your Windows Phone today. You can install the Xim app and share your precious moments with your friends and loved ones on their devices and you will be capable of sharing your memories from the Smartphone, social media account like the Instagram or Facebook or from the cloud account as well.

  1. Here Drive+

It was originally an app that was launched in the year 2013, but the app got the significant updates over the last year. The app now offers you the turn by turn (voice guided) navigation in at least 88 languages and over 129 countries. If you don’t wish to download the map, you can even see the real time traffic details from this app and also you can benefit from the right arrival times, the speed limits information and there is also a great new feature that will help you to search your parked vehicle.

  1. Fitbit

The application might be considered and seen as a late arrival, but the app has really got the features and the offerings that a Windows Phone user will fall in love if he wants to have a wireless fitness tracker along with him in his pocket. The app is just a real great tool for the ones who wish to have a real time wireless fitness tracker. So, the app can be installed by the Windows Phone lovers today.

  1. Flipboard

A digital platform that can work like your tailored social magazine! You can simply tap and select the categories or the topics that you like the most and you want to get updated about the things in order to stay updated by them. Like, you can tap for the tech, health, music, travel and news etc and after that, you will get the regular updates about them on the app. The updates that you will get will be coming through the top and the most authentic websites. So, the app is just a great fun.