Transformation Of Phones Into PC, Microsoft New Innovative Idea

The biggest announcement of the Microsoft is to transform the Phones into the PC in the coming years. The announcement was made at the conference of the Build developers, which was held last week. The basic idea was to convert the smartphones of the users into the innovative and effective Window10 operating system device which work brilliantly on the PC’s. The new idea is to win the market with the Dubbed Continuum technique which give an advantage to the universal apps which run on such devices easily. The devices like Phones, Tablets, PC’s and XBoxOne are compatible with such Windows 10 ideas. With the introduction of this new idea, the mobile users, who could access the Excel through their cell phones could get the facility of transforming and resize the file. The version could be compatible with both the mouse and the keyboard, which work effectively on the large screens. It seems brighter and more ingenious future of the technological world.

The Microsoft has simply displayed a mocked-up invention of the Build developer, but they have launched a separate detailed session for the Continuum, which contains the elaborate discussion and the demonstration as how it will work in the future on the user phones. The discussion contains much detail information with the highlighted features. The system will work if connected to the wired dock or by using the wireless Miracast. The company also supports the wireless dongles, which are used as the controller with the phone. The software of the keyboard and the touch pad are connected with these dongles in the phones.

The interface of the user phone, would be scaled up into a larger display or the TV screen. As the menu starts, it will take the same number of Tiles which are already installed on the user phone and give proper access to these apps. The system seems like a Windows 10 desktop, but there are some minor differences as the traditional desktop couldn’t run on such phones. The transformation would be worked successfully as a natural successor, but it could do wonders,if the developers successfully created and converted all the universal apps compatible with it.

The demo which was shown in a session was powerful and appealing, but has few glitches which could be noticed easily due to the most advanced software and the technological innovations which have already stunned the world. Microsoft’s own app which is used through this app, could also take advantage of this big screen. There are many ways, through which the apps and the developers could gain many advantages of the larger screens. This allows the app to stream a movie in a larger display, while the phone is busy reading or working with the other apps and the services.

This is an innovative and thought provoking step of the Microsoft, which aim the emerging markets, where the phone is working as a primary device of computing. The features of this app, would become popular through this innovative step.