Twitter Account Of Dmitry Medvedev Has Been Hacked And Controversial Tweets Sent Supposedly By Him.

Twitter stories often hit the headlines and often for the worst of reasons, but few of them will have been as shocking as this one. Accounts are regularly hacked and the user has to put up with the embarrassment of what the hackers decide to tweet but there are few times when the account that is hacked belongs to the Prime Minister of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

On this occasion, it is no other that Dmitry Medvedev’s account that has fallen foul of the hackers and as with many other cases the tweets sent are not in keeping with the standing of the hackee. What makes it more embarrassing for Medvedev is the fact that he is a technology lover and would never have believed that this was going to happen to him.

Russian’s will have been surprised to read that “I’m resigning. I’m ashamed by the actions of the government. Forgive me,” seeming to come from their leaders account. It had been retweeted thousands of times before it was removed from Twitter.

A further tweet claimed that the prime minister was going to retrain and be a freelance photographer and this will have stuck a chord with many as it is well known that Medvedev is a well-known amateur photographer.

More personal comments were made when it appeared that his real feelings towards Putin were revealed. “I’ve wanted to say this for a long time. Vova, you’re wrong!” stated one and this should have alerted all to the fact that it was a hoax as the two exchanged presidential seats for a while and are still friends.

Political tweets also appeared with “#CrimeasNotOurs please retweet,” which plays on the #CrimeasOurs hashtag and could not have come at a worse time as at present both Medvedev and Putin are visiting Crimea on official business.

The government press has confirmed that the account has been hacked and explained that security regarding it was now tighter. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said on radio “It’s obvious that this was a hooligan hacker prank,” He went on to explain that this was an example of the need that there was for strong security.

It seems that the culprits are happy to be taking responsibility for the hacking, as Shaltay Boltay (“Humpty Dumpty” as it is in Russian) as they have retweeted the resignation tweet and added “Ahha, well you understood ;)”.