Twitter Accounts – Humans Or Bots? Whatever The Answer, Does It Matter As Long As They Are Entertaining.

How often do you read a Tweet and think that no way was the person writing it on the same planet as you? Well there is a fair chance that you may be right as research has shown that a lot of them are not even the same species as you. Suggestions are being made that a lot of users were not human, but the claims where largely ignored or considered to be too fanciful to be true. This opinion is going to have to change as Twitter has given out some surprising information regarding its site.

The shocking figure of 8.5% has been given as the number of accounts that are updated automatically and yet still considered to be live. As there does not seem to be anything that a human is doing to lead to this update, the idea is being mooted that it is bots that are doing the work.

There were 271 million users of Twitter last month, and while in some areas 8.5% is not high, here it can be in the region of 23million. So, who is following them? The question has to be asked, would you follow them if you knew it was a bot and not a person?”

Some apps will make up some of the users who do not go through the official website to put in their Tweets, and often they will be the people who tend to Tweet a lot. Apps such as TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac are popular with the ultimate Tweeter and there will be a further percentage that will be putting their Tweets out there via an application that is owned by someone other than Twitter. It is seen to be apps such as Flipboard and Tweetbot that are used daily.

Twitter have said that the fact that it is a bot does not mean that the account will be classed as SPAM although there are a lot of accounts that fall into that category. A lot of genuine users say it is the only way that they can realistically access Twitter and join in with the conversations.

The problem for Twitters advertiser is that they want to know that their advert is reaching a human who may be interested in their product. It will be interesting to see if any major companies back out of their sponsorship, or at least cut back what they spend.