Twitter Accounts Of Deadspin, SB Nation?

The accounts of the two major sports websites on Twitter have been suspended as the complaints have been filed by some groups including NFL under the copyright law.

The complaints were about the tweets which breached the copyright infringement that was protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The tweets were made by @Deadspin and @SBNationGIF. There was a request for the removal of few tweets as well.

Net Result filed the complaint notice of 33 pages which is a company that monitors the internet copyright and it did that for the NFL and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Some notices were sent by NFL regarding the copyright enforcement program through which the request had been made that there several prated game videos of NFL which are violating the copyrights of NFL, these links should be disabled by Twitter.

Now if the links which were given with the tweets are clicked, an error message comes which says that the tweet from @Deadspin has been withheld as a report had been filed by the holder of its copyrights.

The Twitter account of @SBNationGIF has not be restored yet and it will remain suspended.

No comments were given by the spokesperson of Twitter, Nu Wexler on these accounts.