Twitter Again In The Headlines, This Time As a Result of Trolls Targeting Zelda Williams After the Death of Her Father Robin.

News has broken that yet another celebrity has been forced to stop using Twitter because of abuse they have received as a result of a tragedy in their lives. Despite there being worldwide sadness shown at the recent death of Robin Williams, some people have decided to show their views by send offensive Tweets to his grieving daughter.

This is a photograph that is reported to be Robin Williams body and while Zelda was careful enough not to open it, the fact that it was sent in the first place has distressed her a great deal. She has 169,000 followers and has implored them to follow her guide and not open it. Although it does not change the hurt that she is feeling at the moment, it has been proved that the picture is a fake and has been photo-shopped to make it look like him.

In this instance, Twitter have reacted quickly and suspended the two accounts that were responsible @PimpStory and @MrGoosebuster and hopefully they will not reappear.

Talking just days after her father’s death, Zelda has expressed her sadness in the fact that her father had to make this choice and could “not find it in his heart to stay”

Other Twitter users have been much more understanding as they have rushed to show Zelda their support by condemning the people responsible and assuring her that she has their support and love.

The tweet was quickly removed by Zelda but she did also say that was going to delete her entire account and ended with the words “Deleting this from my devices for a good long time, maybe forever. Time will tell. Goodbye.’It is also not yet known as to whether or not she will keep her Instagram account open.

Zelda had never used her accounts to show photographs of her and her father preferring to keep them private and they are bound to be even more of a comfort to her than pictures others are sharing. Another set of memories that she will have is the online games that she and her father played together. Her name comes from a favourite game of his and fans are taking this opportunity to request that the next Zelda game is dedicated to him.

The only response so far has been that the company is looking at the request but it would be a fitting tribute to a much loved man.